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Hello there! Welcome and I appreciate you taking the time to look. My name is Kim Vaage (pronounced Vōguey in Norwegian) and I am an artisanal jewelry artist from Montreal, QC, Canada.

I have always been a creative person dabbling in jewelry making and painting, however, after graduating in Anthropology, I focused more on acheiving a professional career and less time towards the arts which made me truely happy. 

But... if you listen intently enough, you will always here your inner voice telling you whether you are on your life's true path. As the years went by, that feeling and voice inside just got stronger and louder for me to return doing the things that brought sincere joy to my life. So Jasper Wild was created!

Since 2016, I has been creating designs that bond my two passions, art and nature. Having studied at Montreal’s Jewelry School and School of Gemmology, which I continue to do, I seek to unite a technical approach with nature’s geological beauty.

Jasper Wild is a one-woman owned business. I design, create, source, photograph everything on my own., and sincerely love every minute of it!

I put my whole hippy nature-loving heart into my jewelry. I am deeply inspired by a simpler way of life and the beauty of our surrounding nature. 

Thanks again for stopping by and NEVER tune out your inner voice.

Be free, be wild, 


So nice to meet you!

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