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Our Mission

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At Jasper Wild, our values define our jewelry creations. Not only does Nature inspire every piece, its protection is the backbone of the production process. 

Jasper Wild is on a mission to become Ethically and Responsibly Sourced certified. This means that every step in the process of making your jewelry respects strict regulations that meet social and environmental benchmarks and protects the labour force within the industry. This goal will be an on-going endeavour.

What Jasper Wild does:

* Donates 5% of every profits to an animal welfare, environmental protection and women empowerment focused charity!
* 100% Recyclable or Biodegradable packaging,
* No toxic chemicals are used in the production of your jewelry, 
* Use hand picked stones found within our geographical region to lower the carbon footprint and eliminate the toll stone sourcing has on the environment, on selected pieces


What we are building on:
* Gemstones that are 100% ethically, sustainably sourced
* The use of recycled gold and silver metals

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